Plastisol Ink

The most common and versatile screen printing ink. Plastisol is extremely durable for long lasting color through many washing / drying conditions. Most likely that favorite tee you’ve still got from that awesome concert you saw in high school was printed with plastisol. Standard plastisol prints are extremely versatile but create an ink film that can be felt with the hand. The higher the opacity of the ink, the greater the hand. This heavy hand can be considered a disadvantage at the consumer level. The ink can also be reduced to give of a soft hand as if there was no ink at all.  


Water Base Ink

It’s eco-friendly and extremely soft. It dyes the actual fibers of the garment, changing the actual textile. However, it’s hard to achieve a good opacity, making it very underwhelming on darker fabrics. More recent developments of these inks do have a thicker feel so we can print them on dark shirts, but they still have a pretty hefty hand if we are stacking a lot of ink on the shirt. These inks have more of a matte finish.



Specialty Inks

Metallic Ink – Our metallic silver and gold finishes produce a nice bright shiny look when printed on the shirt or garment. 


Puff – Is a plastisol puff ink formulated to cure and expand rapidly. It creates an amazing, decorative 3-D look that really makes the printed image stand out.


Glow – Will only be effective in complete darkness, when it will radiate a bright lite-green color. It must be printed on white fabric or, for best results, over white plastisol.